In remembrance of Bagatelle (Meatpacking District)

I discovered Bagatelle in the summer of 2015. I simply typed ‘filet mignon NYC’ on the Google search bar and Bagatelle came up among the first results. French cuisine, check. Great selection of drinks, check. Great location (Meatpacking District), check. Blow your eardrums atmosphere, check. It was like Lavo, without it being Lavo. The perfect blend of classy and debauchery while enjoying dinner or brunch. I went there quite a few more times throughout the years since, my last visit being in early 2020 just before the COVID lockdowns. I kept checking later that summer for any sign that they might re-open, at least for outdoor dining since they had considerable sidewalk space that had already been restricted to traffic. It would have made a great experience for Bagatelle to have a few tables outside during the summer of 2020, a great compliment to the area’s other dining spots such as Serafina and Pastis. However, it never reopened. And it is now in the process of becoming an auto dealership for some electric vehicle company (as if there should be any other option besides a Tesla).

Legend has it that it is coming back. Maybe, hopefully, please, pretty please with crème brulee on top. With a glass of sangria on the side to reminisce the exquisite filet mignon that so effortless came apart as my knife sliced through its most tender spots. Accompanied by a portion of mashed potato orbiting the steak, along with a fresh garden salad, made this spot quite an experience in and of itself that I have not been able to find an equal to (the closest being the steak at Peak in the Hudson Yards… but there will be another post about that in the near future). So, hopefully it comes back, in all its former glory and then some. And if and when that happens, there will be an exhilarated blog post about that momentous event.

But until then, I’ll share bits and details of the other places I have gone to throughout the city as we regain some of that pre-COVID normalcy. This city is back, with all its refined tastes, memorable sounds, daring views and the amazing drinks that enhance the experience that much more.


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