Universal Healthcare Will Lead to Higher Stock Prices… WAY Higher

It basically breaks down to this: if Universal Healthcare becomes a reality, it is the equivalent of a MASSIVE stock buyback program. Here’s why: if and when government completely takes over healthcare administration in the US, as in Medicare for all, then every single business and corporation in America will no longer have to spend money and resources to provide healthcare to their employees. The government will take care of it. With all that cash suddenly loosened up, corporations will either reinvest that cash into expanding or improving operations, or they will pay down remaining corporate debt (which will improve their cash flow), or they will implement stock buyback programs to boost their stock prices. It is a win-win.

Furthermore, at the ground level where the middle class workers exist, they will no longer have to play a monthly premium for their healthcare plans. That means no monthly payments, and no deductible to have to worry about. Suddenly, they have more cash to use at the end of month. Which they can use to either pay down debt, or to stimulate the local economy as consumers, or invest that money in the stock market. Win-win!

Therefore, if Trump wins reelection, the markets will continue to go up because the market does like Trump for the useful idiot that he is. But if Sanders or Buttigieg win, markets will go a lot higher with the implementation of universal healthcare which will make government pay for healthcare while corporations do what they do best with the money they have now that otherwise would have had to have gone to healthcare for employees; they will invest it either in themselves or in stock buybacks.

In other words… GET INVESTED! The party is far from over. 

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