Regarding the current world

So much of what is going on is presented as mere entertainment, while serious work goes unnoticed, often in plain sight. So much could be accomplished, with the world’s knowledge within reach, yet many are resolute in staying obliviously ignorant. In the shadows and among the light lie few who are not yet aware of the impact that they could have on the world. They believe that their current situations are what they are, will remain as they are, and will live out their days no different than the last. But through a series of sparking moments, their potential becomes manifested… to change the world, to alter the power structures, to have their impact felt from the tops of society to its most lowest.  Such individuals are mavericks in their own right: those who refuse the rules and norms of the greater world, and force change in an increasingly monotonous world, numb to its pleasures and ambitions.


The Maverick Candidate: A disgraced journalist succumbs to despair, hopeless that she’ll regain the prestige that she enjoyed at the height of her career. Before she gives up for good, she attempts to clear up an inconsistency in a leaked government memo that anonymously came her way. The memo concerns the past military career of a politician with ambitions for the Presidency.

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